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Galvanized Guardrail Corrugated guardrail

Corrugated galvanized highway guardrail and the accessories

Corrugated galvanized highway guardrail and the accessories. We can make two waves, three waves for highway guardrail/fence application Production Standard: JT/T 281-2007, JT/T 457-2007 material: Q235A galvanized steel sheet Detailed Product Description: Steel guardrails provide a visual and physical barrier between traffic and work areas. It is used for protection against accidents due to lift trucks or …

Corrugated W-Shaped Galv. Highway Guardrail Road Barrier

Corrugated w-shaped galvanized highway guardrail and guardrail beam, splice bolt and recess nut, beam washer for a highway galvanized road barrier Island project. Approximate Qty - 5698 metres. Approximate Qty - 5698 metres.

Beam Guardrail - Thrie-Beam Galvanized Corrugated Beam

Introduction of Thrie-beam Galvanized Corrugated Beam 4.0: The three-wave corrugated beam barrier guardrail board can be divided into the central fence board and the side guardrail of the road.According to the anti-collision coefficient, it can be divided into type A guardrail board and s-type guardrail board, and the s-type guardrail plate is A strengthened version of type A guardrail board ...

galvanized highway guardrail - Highway Guardrail Factory

galvanized highway guardrail is used in highway now especially much, the highway guardrail after galvanization, anticorrosive property is good, fight ageing, beautiful and generous, although pass long wind blows rain to bask in, also won't rust.galvanized highway guardrail has a long service life. galvanized highway guardrail is the main form of semi-rigid guardrail,it is a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrails

W Metal Steel Beam Crash Barrier & Guardrail For Sale

In the daily use of collision guardrails, the use of W-beam hot dipped galvanized guardrail is the most widely used. W-beam Hot dipped galvanized guardrail can be used for highway and general road (provincial road, county road, town road, etc.) anti-collision, …

galvanized steel guardrail | steel guard rail | steel ...

galvanized steel guardrail is mainly used for separating and defining aisle ways, large work areas, walkways and inside loading docks. Steel guardrails provide a …

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