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W-Beam Guardrail

Gregory W-Beam guardrail is manufactured to AASHTO specifications in M-180 Class A or B, and finish types 1, 2, 3, or 4. Every piece of guardrail is stamped with a brand registration that is repeated throughout the entire length of the rail.

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W-Beam Guardrail Standard Quality Used Highway Guardrail, fresh removed from Roadside, ready to be stacked, sorted, packaged and shipped to our customers all over the nation and the world. Traditional 12 ga. W-Beam (12 inch) guardrail panel is the standard workhorse of the Highway Safety industry and has performed exceptionally for decades.

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W-beam guardrails are cost-effective longitudinal highway barriers designed to reduce the severity of run-off-road (ROR) collisions, prevent vehicular impact with roadside objects, and lessen the likelihood of vehicle overturning.

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W Beam Highway Guardrail The main purpose of a highway guardrail (also called crash barrier, road barrier, guardrail barrier, metal beam barrier, etc.) along the highway is to form a safety barrier to help protect a motorist who has drifted off the road. Utility poles, …

Used W-Beam Guardrail

W-Beam Guardrail is the workhorse of the Agri-Guardrail Fencing world. Used W-Beam Guardrail will serve you and your family for generations.

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w beam guardrail Highway Guardrail Case Here are Part of our Highway Guardrail cases in China and the global countries, through these cases you will see how we help customers reduce costs, improve profits...

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W-Beam Guard Rail Our 12-gauge galvanized metal beam (w-beam) guardrail is available in 12’6” L x 12 ¼” H or 25’ Long panels. Due to its economical nature and time-tested ability to mitigate crash damage, metal beam guard rail is very prevalent on freeways/highways and other major roads.

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W-beam guardrail comprises a rail element, known as w-beam, that is blocked out from specially-engineered supporting posts. Adjacent rails are bolted together forming a splice connection and end terminals are placed at either end to anchor the system. W-beam systems vary throughout Australia.

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