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Summary Full Scale Crash Testing of the ET-Plus 31-inch ...

Full Scale Crash Testing of the ET-Plus 31-inch Guardrail Terminal . Executive Summary . From January 15 to January 27, 2015, the ET-Plus guardrail end terminal manufactured by Trinity Highway Products was crash tested in accordance with NCHRP Report 350 criteria.


Full Scale Crash Testing of the ET-Plus Guardrail Terminal ...

February 6, 2015 . Full Scale Crash Testing of the ET-Plus Guardrail Terminal with 27 . ¾” Guardrail . Executive Summary . From December 10, 2014 to January 6, 2015, the ET-Plus guardrail end terminal manufactured by Trinity


Full-Scale Vehicle Crash Tests on Guardrail­ Bridgerail ...

Full-scale 4,500-pound vehicle impact tests at 60 mph and 25 degrees were conducted on four new guardrail-bridgerail "transition" designs for use in Nebraska in which the …

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Roof Guardrail for Commercial Roofing | Leading Edge Safety

The USM-IBC Guardrail system provides permanent, full-perimeter fall protection. The unique design allows 100% water-tight installation under standard roofing and sheet metal details including coping caps, drip edges, gravel stops and even inside most commercial gutters

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Full-scale crash tested NCHRP 350 Approved GMS releases the guardrail as force thresholds are reached. Release is independent of guardrail thickness, strength, bolt position in the slot, single or double-ply of guardrail, or bolt tightness.


Crash performance of strong-post W-beam guardrail with ...

Full-scale crash test models of a 2000-kg pickup truck striking a 29 post guardrail at 25 ◦ were developed. The simulation results indicated that wheel snagging was not a major problem.

Effect of crushable blockouts on a full-scale guardrail system

The model was validated through comparison to a full-scale test conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute. In order for the guardrail system to absorb more energy and offer better stability...



Full-scale crash tests have demonstrated that the performance of the weak-post W-beam guardrail system do not meet current safety standards that are required for use on Federally funded highways.(3) (11) The reason for the poor performance of the system has been attributed to the post-rail connections, splice failure, inadequate anchorage of

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W-Beam guardrail is the world’s most widely specified safety barrier system and is frequently used in Sydney, NSW, Australia. It comprises steel posts that support a w-beam rail element. Safe vehicle containment and redirection is developed through a combination of the flexural resistance of the rail and the bending resistance of the posts.

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