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We founded in 1998 which is a professional manufacturer of road safety products. In the past 20 years, we adhere to the AASHTO, EN, ISO as production standards,have 18 patents for inventions,provide high quality road safety solutions to customers in 84 countries worldwide,It is the best quality guardrail production base in China.

W Beam Guard Rails Protecting Vehicles Against Highway ...

W-beam guardrail has a section or profile of W shape, it is also named as two wave beam guardrail. This is the major type of beam barriers for highways safety with symmetrical designs on each side of the beam. We supply two kinds of finishes for W beam guardrail panels: hot …

Box Beam Guard Rails - Steel Guardrail Series - SciSe ...

Beam guardrail barriers (w beam, thrie-beam and box beam) are the traditional and major types of highway safety barriers, composed with corrugated solid metal (mild steel mainly) plates or panels. Among the three beam types, box beam guard rails offer least strength compared to the others, but much decoration feeling to the surroudings.

W Metal Steel Beam Crash Barrier & Guardrail For Sale

In the daily use of collision guardrails, the use of W-beam hot dipped galvanized guardrail is the most widely used. W-beam Hot dipped galvanized guardrail can be used for highway and general road (provincial road, county road, town road, etc.) anti-collision, factory …

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W-Beam Guard Rail. Our 12-gauge galvanized metal beam (w-beam) guardrail is available in 12’6” L x 12 ¼” H or 25’ Long panels. Due to its economical nature and time-tested ability to mitigate crash damage, metal beam guard rail is very prevalent on freeways/highways and other major roads.

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Home > Technology > Guard Rails, Steel Posts and Road Studs for Road Project Galvanized Guardrails on Steel Posts and Fittings Plus Road Studs Galvanized guardrails on steel posts with two reflectors, red reflecting road studs and light emitting solar road studs, W beam, spacer for the ongoing Agra road

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w beam guardrail weight calculation. The w beam guardrail weight is upon to the highway guardrail material ,specification and quantity. barrier board: plate length * width x Wave Height x plate thickness. A, double wave guardrail: 4320 x 310 x 85 x 3 theoretical weight …

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W-beam guardrail suppliers advantage. we are a professional w-beam guardrail suppliers in china.Our factory founded in 1998 and cover an area of 75 acres.We specialized in the production of w-beam guardrail and in this filed for 18years.Our annual productivity of 50 …

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We strictly supply road safety W-Beam highway Guard rail to rigorous local and international standards (JT/T 281-2007, AASHTO-M180, RAL RG620 etc.) or as per clients’ w beam dimensions. With many undergoing crash testing in accordance with international standards such as MASH, NCHRP Report 350. Highway Guard Rail Features. 1.

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