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Corrosion Resistant W Beam Road Guardrail

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In the daily use of collision guardrails, the W-beam hot dipped galvanized guardrail is the most widely used. W beam Hot dipped galvanized guardrail can be used for highway and general road (provincial road, county road, town road, etc.) anti-collision, factory area, forest park and farm construction.

W-Beam Guardrail with High Cost Effectiveness

Corrosion resistant; Can be repaired quickly after accident; W-beam guardrails we supply: To meet the needs our customers, we supply straight and pre-curved W-beam guardrail products. Generally, straight W-beam guardrail just can be applied to the curves with a radius greater than 45m by being lined up for transitioning smoothly.

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Box Beam Guard Rail Barriers, Mostly with Bright Hot Dipped Galvanized Surface Treatment for Enhanced Corrosion Resistance Beam guardrail barriers ( w beam , thrie-beam and box beam) are the traditional and major types of highway safety barriers, composed …

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The road safety  W-beam  guardrail is of excellent anti-corrosion and tensile strength. So that,Guardrail highway is good to minimize the damage to driver and pedestrian. It’s often need to remove guardrail temporarily for unobstructed maintenance or other access to an area.

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W beam guardrail is fixed on the side of the roads or middle of the road, especially on curves and slopes for preventing vehicles from riding out from roads. The w beam  barrier  are of excellent anti-corrosion and tensile strength. So that, it is good to minimize the damage to driver and pedestrian.

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The surface corrosion treatment of wave guardrail usually includes three methods: hot galvanizing, spraying, hot galvanizing and spraying. Hot-dip galvanizing, The hot galvanized metal material is immersed in the zinc liquid for about 500 degrees, so that the …

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